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Johnny Thunders
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Friday, february the 13th 2004
Dear JT fans,
I'm glad you appreciate my website and the work I do on it. I'm sure you were happy to find all these pictures.
But I am worried about myself lately and it's beginning to be really difficult to bear.
I can't stand the world and life anymore and I think someone has taken control over my mind. This person makes me do and like stuff that I don't like and I can't let him do it any longer now that I realized that, so I decided to get away from life for a while. Maybe I'll come back. If you wanna write to me, you can try, maybe I'll reply if I feel good enough.
There shouldn't be a lot of new stuff on my website during the time I'll be away (I don't know how long) except for some pictures that I wanted to put on the website since some time, they should be here in around 2 weeks.
So, for the moment, Good bye.
Sedley Lyons
ps: those who are waiting for videos or pictures from me, don't worry, you will get your order.