Johnny Thunders


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My video collection:

NYD Live at the Royal Festival Hall, London, 2004
NYD "All Dolled Up"
Live in Kawasaki, 1991, 100 min (excellent)
"Born to Loose" the Lech Kowalski movie (95min)
"Mona et Moi" (90min)
"What About Me" (80min)
Panic On Sunset Strip, live 1988 (30min)
"Dead or Alive", 1985, 45min (quality: excellent)
"Looking for a Kiss", the Bob Gruen documentary, 1974, 30min. (quality: quite good!!)
"Don Kirshners Rock Concert", 1974, 20min. (quality: good!)
"Looking For A Kiss" BBC performance, 4min. (quality: excellent)
"Jet Boy" BBC performance, 4min. (quality: half good)
"Personality Crisis" Music Laden performance, 4min. (quality: excellent)
"Looking For A Kiss" Music Laden performance, 4min. (quality: half good)
Johnny with the Dolls and the Heartbreakers in a BBC program called "Rock Family Trees: New York Punk", 4min. (quality:excellent)
A moment of Johnny live with the Heartbreakers on a program about Punk on a german TV, 1min. (quality: excellent)
Johnny and the Dolls from the Sex Pistols movie: "The Filth and the Fury" (3min)
Johnny walking down the stairs during the Anarchy Tour from the Clash's movie: "Westway To The World" (1min)
Heartbreakers Live from the video "Under Underground" (5min)
Heartbreakers Live at Max's Kansas City '77, black and white (42min)
NY Underground Live '82 Irving Plaza(35min)
Live at the Gibus, Paris '90 (45min)
Interview German TV '88 + a part of the "Crawfish" video (8min)
Swedish Documentary with Johnny and Jerry, 1982 (20min)
Johnny Thunders live at Max's, july 1980 with Peter Perrett and Buddy Bowser(7min)
Studio Acoustic Set, 1984 (20min)
Live in Milwaulkee, Sept 5, 1989 with Jamey and Stevie (80min)
Heartbreakers live with Richard Hell, CBGB, 1975 (Chinese Rocks, Pirate Love. 7min)
Heartbreakers Live and Tour Footage, Anarchy Tour 77, by Don Letts (6min)
Heartbreakers Live: 7 Day Weekend, Too Much Junkie Business (6min)
Heartbreakers Live at Max's, the show where he's holding an umbrella: Born To Lose, Chinese Rocks (5min)
Live in Sweden Mandagsborgen, March 1982 (23min)
Heartbreakers Live at the Marquee, London 1979 (26min)
Live in France I think, late 80's, or is it Dingwalls Dance Hall, London, 1986, wearing a pink suit (60min)
Live with Sylvain and Jerry, and int. Spanish TV, mid 80's (30min)
Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory, video, mid 80's(4min)
Crawfish, video with Patti Palladine (3min)
Live, German TV, mid 80's (11min)
Part of a VH1 doc. with the New York Dolls (images and Bob Gruen footages), feat int. by Joey Ramone, Todd Rundgren, Richard Hell, Joe Strummer, Rob Halford...
Live from NY Rock Video, 10.10.81, live and int. (23min)
Live at the Cat Club, NY, Late 80's with Alison Gordy, Jamey Heath (12min)
Born To Cry promo video (incomplete) (2min)
David with Johnny and Sylvain, Belgium July 7, 1984 live +int. (7min)
Tomato Club, Japan 88 (5min)
Johnny joining the Jet Boys for "Can't Keep My Eyes...", The Gibus, 80's(4min)(SECAM)
Live with Jerry, Walter and Jamey Heath, I think, 80's (10min)
Heartbreakers live, Johnny wasted, wearing pink shirt and leather jacket "Do You Love Me?","So Alone" (13min)

My Complete Video List

Check it out if you want Sylvain Sylvain or David Johansen stuff.

My audio list:

- Rusty B. demos
New York Dolls:
- My Father's Place, 14 april 74
- Detroit, Michigan Palace 31 dec. 73
Johnny Thunders:
- Marquee, London 31 May 90
- Zappa's, NY, 1 may 81
- Heartbreakers, The Last Hurrah, NY, 25 may 79
- Heartbreakers, Bookies, Detroit 28 Aug. 81
- Heartbreakers, Max's Kansas City 18 nov. 78
- Heartbreakers, Max's Kansas City 23 july 76
- Venue, London, 22 april 82
- Berlin, Lott, 19 dec 84
- The Decade, Pittsburgh, 3 march 86
- Demos, Live & Alternate Takes 72-90
- All Stars Living Dead, The Speakeasy 25 march 78
- The Speakeasy, London, 18 Feb 78
- Rare Tracks
- Swedish TV, 22 march 82
- Swedish radio, 30 june 83
- English radio, 24 march 84
- Swedish radio, 34 oct. 85
- Cleveland, Ohio, 21 feb. 86
- Irish radio, april 90
- Northern Irish radio, 27 may 90
- NY Dolls
- Different interviews Japan 1986-91
- KJFC Radio JT Special, int. with Syl Sylvain, Walter Lure, Mariann Bracken, May 10 2001