Johnny Thunders

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My New York Dolls website.

This is a tribute site to the greatest guitar player ever. Johnny Thunders was a true original, many copied his look but his guitar playing and his music remain unique. His life might not always have been bright, but he certainly makes our lives as bright as can be. He might be gone, but he's still with us. Johnny Thunders lives forever!
Johnny once said that a good rock n'roll book should be 90% pictures and 10% text, I think he would say the same about a rock n'roll website. So here are the pics. All for your pleasure.

June 2008: Hello people! It's been a long time, huh? You can check out the new article from Rock n'Folk Magazine, 7 pages with pics, on the new page with the same name.
April 06: New picture of Johnny's wedding with Julie on the 1975-80 4 page!!!.
February 06: New pictures on my NY Dolls website:
December 05: News on the video list.
December 05: New link added.
August 05: New picture on the 1975-80 4 page.
March 04: New picture on the JT 2 page.

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